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Supporting Our Community During Lockdown

Bristol Gulls about Bristol

It’s officially day 53 of the government’s lockdown restrictions and I think generally people are getting a bit fatigued. Sofia, Lorna, Sarah and Chloe, on the other hand, are busy as bees volunteering in the community, building relationships and feeling encouraged and uplifted by the acts of kindness all around us. It is important to stay focused and think positively, it’s good mental preparation for the race! Here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to these past few weeks.

BS3 community volunteering

Sofia has been volunteering around Bristol using the GoodSAM Responder app and the ‘BS3 Community’ Volunteer Group organised by the City Council. The GoodSAM app is used by the NHS Volunteer Responders, able to lend a hand with collecting shopping or prescriptions. Likewise, the BS3 Community and Can Do Bristol teams link people in need with volunteers for similar tasks and also to ensure there is always an open phone line for isolated individuals to reach out and just have a chat. It’s inspiring to see so many people volunteering their time to help others.

VE Day bunting

You may have seen the VE Day Bunting activities for children on the BBC website. This was a how to create your own bunting in preparation for the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe – all you need is some cardboard, ribbon, sticky tape and colouring pencils. Sarah set to create parcels using her crafts playbox with everything you need and delivered them around Bristol and Nailsea. As any parent will tell you, preparing for a crafts activity is not the easiest thing whilst juggling entertaining your children and working from home. It was lovely to see some photos come back of little ones making their own VE Day Bunting!

Foodbank donations and supporting local businesses

It is more important than ever to continue supporting local businesses and food banks. It really feels like Coronavirus has unified communities and made us more aware of local businesses and our local economy. It’s also been devastating and I’m sad to say that it’s possible many people currently on furlough may find themselves without work as workplaces reopen to reduced capacity. We must continue to support food banks, look after vulnerable people and support local businesses. If you can, postpone rather than cancel your trips and theatre tickets – refunds will push some companies into administration. Be kind to one another. We are in this together and your support is needed as much now as ever.

Stanton Drew Women’s Institute

Sarah has been in touch with the Stanton Drew Women's Institute since January as they had kindly offered to bake cakes for the Bristol Gulls Audax cycling event. As circumstances changed throughout March, the Bristol Gulls passed out their numbers to join a telephone tree to collect groceries, prescriptions or just be there for a friendly chat – Sofia and Chloe are great talkers and even better listeners! It’s a small gesture but one that has strengthened our relationship with the ladies of the Stanton Drew Women’s Institute. (Sarah’s even been exchanging seeds with Rosemary and is currently trying to grow climbing French beans up a ladder in her top floor flat!)

Free morning workout every weekday Suffer with Saf is still ongoing! Join us for a morning exercise routine with Sofia every day from 7.45am. You don’t need anything, a towel or a yoga mat will do. Everyone is welcome – get in touch with @thebristolgulls and pass our details to your friends and family!

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