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Eco-Friendly Tips with Sarah!

Hello friends, Sarah here! For the last couple of days, I’ve been patiently watching my Swiss Cheese Plant turn over a new leaf (literally) and it’s made me think about the ways in which I’ve turned over a new leaf (figuratively) and how you can too.

The planet needs both big and small changes. I’m looking forward to discussing with you the big changes (next time…) but for now, here are some small changes that you can make to minimise your impact on our planet and save a bit of cash too.

Item One: Menstrual Cups

On my More Eco-Friendly living agenda was the introduction of a Menstrual Cup into my life. Do you have one? Why not?! They’re blummin’ amazing! It’s something that has been on my “to-do list” for some years, and it never seemed to be the right time to swap. I am actually so proud to finally be able to say that I’m a Cup Advocate trumpet sound. It was surprisingly easy, NOT messy (I understand other people’s hesitations - I had them too) but honestly, it’s one small change that is going to change my life (and dramatically lower my uterus’ carbon footprint). It can change yours too. #vivalarevolution

Item Two: Recycling Old Tech

Did you know that you can recycle your old iPhone at the Apple store? My iPhone 5 finally went kaput after years of repairs so I recycled it at the store and replaced it with an old…. wait for it…. repaired iPhone 5S. It’d be in my drawer for a few years in need of repair. A simple answer to what could have been an expensive replacement.

Item Three: Eat Less Meat

This has been a really interesting one for me, but luckily I have a really supportive partner who loves to cook. We’ve been eating lentil stews, bean casseroles, baked potatoes and homemade veg soups for lunch. We’ve been focusing on eating more healthily so this has come hand in hand with cutting down on dairy products. We both feel great and have no doubts that we’ll be able to keep up with these small changes.

A second note on this – I think it’s really important to consider where our food comes from. Replacing meat with another high carbon footprint food doesn’t do the planet any favours. I’m talking air miles (for example, imported foods), water usage (e.g. almond milk) and deforestation (e.g. avocados). Source things locally, eat what’s in season and try to be a responsible & informed consumer. The shops sell what we buy – it might not feel like it but they rely on our custom.

Item Four: Time to Declutter

This has been a tiny part of the New Year but I’m writing it anyway. It was just a few t-shirts, books and a pair of worn-out old shoes but these have been donated for reuse and recycling. My tattie old Toms (shoes) are in the process of being recycled (thank you Sue Ryder) while my books are now sitting on the Oxfam Book Shelf waiting for a new home.”

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