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The Bristol Gulls' mission


To be the trailblazers that inspire others to embrace sustainable change and equality

we have a sustainability policy - check it out!

What is our story?

We all have a deep connection, love and respect for our oceans this is why we have decided to support the RNLI Portishead and Clean Up Bristol Harbour


Using our journey we have created a campaign to raise awareness about the health of our waterways in particular focusing on plastic pollution. 


How are we doing it?

1) We are looking at the kind of packaging taken on board (food, cosmetics, hygienic products, so on) trying to find alternatives or solutions to reduce our impact. We are looking to develop a partnership with a recycling company to ensure the packaging we take on board will all be recycled once we reach shore. 

2) We are looking into alternatives for the kit we will wear.  We have entered into partnerships with various brands that recycle plastics found in the marine environment: swimwear Davy J, sportswear League Collective Finisterre, FeelFit , sunglasses Sea2See eyewear and many more to come.

3) We are looking at the structure and engineering of our boat. 


The Bristol Gulls are thrilled to have entered into a partnership with Rannoch Adventure, to build and race an Eco Ocean Rowing Boat.

The ‘Eco Boat’ will be as lightweight and strong as their state-of-the-art vessel but built in a way that has less impact on the environment, not only around its composite materials, but also the entire build process is also being adapted to have less impact on the environment

The composite boat is made of 3 main components - resin, fibre and core.

  • The resin is a "green" epoxy because roughly 50% of the carbon used to produce it comes from plant origin.

  • The glass fibre is manufactured 100% from a renewable energy source - wind

  • The foam core is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic (post-consumer)

The Gulls will be the first ever team to race an Eco Boat in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, further emphasising their strong commitment to the environment and encouraging sustainable practices.​



The Gulls want to promote a safe and healthy relationship with our waters. They want to bring awareness and engage with Bristol on a couple of key points: plastic pollution and safety at sea.

Every stroke, every mile, every soar, every tear, every smile will be worth it knowing their efforts will inspire change.

With your help, they hope to raise money in order to support these two charities and their initiatives.

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